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In this icon series we've created a large assortment of Canada city flag icons. Each icon is a true representation of the official city flag in both color and design. This series features flags for Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and many other cities. We took the utmost care in creating each icon, making sure that the design lines are clean and precise, as we want them to look fantastic within any graphic setting or environment. The icons feature a transparent background, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into any project. They're also available in four popular and easy to access formats. Each icon is ready for immediate use, with no custom formatting required.
Many of the official US city flags are absolutely beautiful in color and design. In this series of products, we've created numerous US city flag stamp icons. Some of the cities represented in the icons include Little Rock, Seattle and others. The flags within the icons are a true representation of the official city flag in color, design and proportion. These icons look absolutely beautiful placed on the contact us page of a website. They would also nicely accent any city themed website or city-centric ecommerce shop. If you've browsed through this alphabetized catalog and you can't find your city flag icon, but you know that your city has a flag, then please send us an email.
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US City Flag Stamp Icons Set
Many of the US state flag designs are quite old, having remained unchanged since they were officially adopted. For example, the official flag for the state of Oregon has remained unchanged since 1925, which makes it older than some European flags. With regard to these lovely state flag stamp icons, they have all been created so that they are a true representation of the official state flag in design, color and proportion. In addition to state flag icons we've also included a few other icons in this series that are directly related to the subject of US states. As is the case with all of our other graphics and icons, these have a completely transparent background for seamless integration.
US State Flag Stamp Icons Set
Canada City Flag Stamp Icons Set
Product Categories 1 - 5
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Our professionally designed country flag stamp icons are perfect for a wide range of projects. They can be used in web development, GUI design, print media design and more. Each of the icons is created with crisp and clean design lines, giving the graphic an ultra-high quality appearance. The icons are available in four separate file formats. They also feature a completely transparent background which allows them to blend seamlessly with any design layout and color. Another great thing about these icons is that they can be purchased individually or in one large and affordably priced set. Once you've successfully completed a purchase you'll get instant access to your ordered items.
Country Flag Stamp Icons Set
Poland is home to many old and ancient cities. Many of these cities have beautifully designed flags that have remained unchanged for centuries. In this icon series we've created numerous Polish city flag stamp icons. The icons are created exactly like the official city flags in design, color and proportion. We've created flag icons for the cities of Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Gdynia, Olsztyn, Zabrze, Kwidzyn and many others. To purchase one of these professionally designed icons, simply click on the add to cart button located on the catalogue page or the specific product page. Once your transaction is complete, you'll instantly receive a download link to your purchased items.
Poland City Flag Stamp Icons Set