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A non-exclusive tag present within a product description indicates that a particular item is sold more than one time. Non-exclusive products are sold on what is called a shared user license. We own and retain the exclusive rights to these non-exclusive products, with the product license granting the purchaser the ability to use the icon repeatedly for life. Just to reiterate, by purchasing a non-exclusive product you're not purchasing exclusive rights to the icon or graphic, rather you are purchasing shared user rights. While the user license is valid for the life of the purchaser, it's non-transferable.

Our non-exclusive products may be used within any personal or commercial project. While we do not allow our products to be resold purely as graphics, our user license does allow you to sell products that feature our graphics such as t-shirts, postcards, website templates and more. Our non-exclusive user license also permits multi-use, meaning that you may use the product as many times as you wish. Regardless of how you use our products they're all royalty free, requiring just one initial product license purchase and nothing more.
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